Monday, July 08, 2013

How to change Taskbar appearance on Computer screen

While working on Computer, anything can happen. Sometimes without knowing or by mistake, any key can be pressed on computer keyboard or can be clicked unintentionally. Even small children can do anything on system without their's parent notice. Your computer taskbar can locate bottom, right, left or top on your computer screen.To locate your computer Taskbar on the bottom of your computer screen, here is how you have to set:

1. Right Click on Start Menu or right click on Taskbar.
2. Click on Properties.
3. Click on Taskbar.
4. You will see "Taskbar location on screen" with four options: Bottom, Left, Right and Top. Select Bottom and click on Apply and then click on OK button. Now your Taskbar is located at the bottom on your computer screen. That's it.

OR (second option to change) click on "Start Menu", click on "Appearance and Personalization", click on Taskbar and Start Menu", click on Taskbar, click on "Bottom", click on "Apply" and click on "OK" button.

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