Saturday, July 20, 2013

How to check Sony Vaio Laptop is genuine or not

Ask for genuine product:

What should you do to make sure that Sony Vaio Laptop you are planning to buy is really a Sony product.. before you purchase Sony Vaio Laptop, check for Sony Vaio Laptop that you want to purchase on official website. There are many ways to make sure a product is genuine or not:

1. Press Windows key+R and type "dxdiag" and then click OK button. You will get detailed system information.

2. At the back of your Sony Vaio Laptop, you will find Microsoft genuine operating system Windows Product Key with a text that says "Certificate of Authenticity Label not to be sold separately with URL You will also find S/N and Service TAG numbers and Caution that says "Do not leave your computer in contact with your body for an extended period of time. The temperature of the base of the computer and air vent may increase and could result in discomfort or burns". I have captured a screenshot of Sony Vaio Laptop genuine product (backside of Laptop) as shown below.

3. Call Sony Vaio Laptop customer care on 1800-103-7799 (Toll Free). You can also call from your mobile phone. Even if you don't have balance on your cell phone you can call. It is hundred percent toll free. You can call between 9:00AM to 7:30PM all 7 days.

4. Search for authorised dealer on official website and purchase from authorized dealer.

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