Friday, July 19, 2013

How to speed up Computer performance

To make computer run faster:

1. Restart your PC and check your hard drive for errors. The quickest way is just press Windows key+R and type chkdsk /r and then press OK button.

2. Perform a disk clean up: Press Windows key+R and type "cleanmgr.exe" or "cleanmgr" (without the quotes) in the text field and then press OK button.

3. Defragment your Computer (Disk Defragmentation): Right-click on C:Drive and click on "Properties" followed by "Tools", choose "Defragmentation" and click "Defragment now" button. Or Use Defraggler to defrag your entire hard drive.

4. Stop unwanted Start-Up programs: Press Windows key+R and type "msconfig" and startup and disable unwanted Start-Up programs.

5. Press Windows key+R and type %temp% and delete them all.

6. .Press Windows key+R and type "prefetch" (without the quotes), click Ok button and then delete them all.

7. Clean up the cruft that can slow down your computer using CCleaner maintenance tool. CCleaner would clean up some of those extra caches, temporary files, log files, and other things that can slow down your system.

8. Run "Error Checking" on all hard drives: Right-click on C:Drive and click on "Properties" followed by "Tools", choose "Error Checking" and click "Check now" button.

9. Getting rid of unwanted toolbars will also streamline your browsing. You do this manually in the browser add-on settings, or use a program like Toolbar Cleaner.

10.  Use VLC  instead of Windows Media Player. VLC Media Player is a lightweight, open source media player that rips DVDs, streams video and recognizes any unprotected media format.

11.  Use FoxIt Reader, an alternative to Adobe Reader, does more than just open PDFs all while using less RAM. Edit documents, open multiple PDFs in tabs and more.

12. Remove Viruses and Spyware: Download the best free antivirus software ZoneAlarm Free Antivirus + Firewall and install it on your computer to protect you from viruses and spywares. Update and run your spyware and antivirus software every week.

13. Autoruns is a freebie that can help reduce the load. It finds and disables programs that start automatically so they don't slow you down. But it won't stop those important startup processes you need, like security software.

14. If you suspect the problem in your Internet network connection, is a great service that will give your Internet connection a quick speed test.

If your computer is still so slow, format your C:Drive and then reinstall your operating system (O.S.) Windows. If you don't know how to format C:Drive and how to install Windows on your system or if you don't have Windows, you can send an e-mail to

Note: Be careful when using msconfig. Do not uncheck unfamiliar items. Doing so could prevent your Windows install from booting.

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