Saturday, July 27, 2013

Things you should know about Mac

 Up to now, 21st century, Apple Computer is the best. As most people already know other computer, apart from Apple computer use Microsoft Windows as its operating system also known as O.S. Supposing that antivirus software is not installed on Windows OS, it will be infected by tons of viruses easily... that is the reason why even if you purchase branded one, antivirus software created by reputed company was pre-installed on the system. In another words, whether you like it or not, installing antivirus software is a must for Windows OS... Whereas you need not install antivirus software for Mac OS (Macintosh Operating System). But if you insist, you can install manually. You will never know Apple Computer that used Mac OS pre-installed with AntiVirus software... meaning no Mac OS is pre-installed with antivirus software.

Here are some useful Keyboard Shortcuts for Mac (Macintosh) OS:

1. Command+Eject : To open shut down, restart, sleep dialogue box.

2. Option+Command+Eject : To put Computer to sleep.

3. Command+Shift+3 : To capture screen shot of whole screen.

4. Command+Shift+4 : To capture screenshot a portion of your screen

5. Command+Shift+4 : To capture screen shot of selected area.

6. Command+Space Bar : To open spotlight search field.

7. Command+Tab : To change to next, recently used application.

8. F9 : Tile or untile open Windows.

9. Command+A : To select all

10. Command+C : To copy

11. Command+X : To cut

12. Command+Z :  To undo, Redo.

13. Command+V : To paste

14. Command+S : To save

15. Command+M : To minimize Window.

16. Command+F : To find

17. Command+N : To open new Window

18. Command+W : To close Window.

19. Command+Q : To quit application.

20. Command+Shift+N : To create new folder.

21. Command+Option+ESC : To open Force Quit Dialogue Box.

22. Control+Eject : Keyboard shortcuts for shut down, restart, and sleep.

23. Control+Command+Eject : Quits all applications (after giving you a chance to save changes to open documents) and restarts the computer.

24. Control+Option+Command+Eject : Quits all applications (after giving you a chance to save changes to open documents) and shuts the computer down.

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