Monday, July 15, 2013

Things you should know about SBI Saiha Branch

There are important things you need to know about State Bank of India (SBI) Saiha Branch before banking.

1. Daily transaction limits: You can withdraw cash upto Rs.40,000 from ATM (Machine) located at Saiha Bazar near Traffic Point.

2. Generally, ATM (Machine) can dispense Rs.5000 per withdrawal at a time (per swipe). In case the amount you seek to withdraw is greater than the dispensing limit of the number of currency notes, you may do multiple transactions up to the overall daily limit. (Note: If you try to withdraw more than Rs.5000 at a time (per swipe), security violation warning will pop-up on screen).

3. You can use your State Bank of India Silver International Debit Card (MasterCard) directly for purchases upto Rs.75,000 (online shopping, shopping at Merchant locations).

4. SBI Debit card has distinct 16 digit Card number.

5. On the reverse of your SBI Debit Card a 3 digit code (CVC: Card Verification Code) is a security feature for Card Not Present (CNP) (i.e.on-line) transactions.

6. SBI Emergency Helpline number: 1800-11-22-11, 1800-425-3800, 080-26599990.

7. State Bank of India Official websites are:, You can register your SBI Debit Card at

8. Your SBI International Debit Card is issued free of charge for the first year. Rs.100 annual maintenance charges will apply from the second year onwards.

9. If you need help or any doubt, you can send an email to SBI at

10. SBI Saiha Contact Numbers:

Landline : 03835-222264

Haradhan Nandi (Manager) : 09862508641.

Chandan Karmakar (PBD Manager) : 09430597854.

Hrahsel John Piter (Asst. Manager) : 9436388510.

PC. Lalhunenga (Asst. Manager) : 09436150451.

Lalchawimawia Sailo (Asst. Manager) : 9862326500.

Jambralemuray (Asst. Manager) : 9089562267.

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