Sunday, July 21, 2013

Tips for buying a Laptop

Before you buy a Laptop for your personal, Office or professional use, here is a Laptop buying guide for you:

1. Ask for motherboard drivers CD. Without asking for it most authorised dealers do not give to their customers but you must ask for it and it is highly recommended that you have it. You will badly need it when the time comes for Windows installation. Network Adapter driver comes along with motherboard drivers CD. Without driver for Network Adapter, you won't be able to connect internet to your Laptop.

2. Ask for a Recovery Disc. (You can create a Recovery Disc on your own but if they can give you, it would be better).

3. Ask for genuine Windows CD.

4. Make sure Microsoft genuine Windows product key is there at the back of your Laptop.

5. It's advisable to go for a branded laptop. Brands available in India include Sony Vaio, HP-Compaq, Lenovo and Dell. Purchase from authorised dealer. Find authorised dealer and authorised service centre on their official website. If you don't know a branded laptop official website, you can google it or send an e-mail to

Features and Configuration

6. Media: DVD & CD Writerr, Card Reader

7. Softwares: MS. Office, Anti-virus Software, VLC Media Players, Web browser: Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, PDF Reader, Winzip, etc.

8. RAM (Random Access Memory) : 4GB or above.

9. Hard Disk (HDD) : 500GB or above.

10. Operating System : Windows 7 or Windows 8.

11. Processor : Intel Core i5 or Intel Core i7 or above.

12. Wi-Fi : Yes

13. Webcam : Yes

14. Graphic Card : If required.

15. Buy good Laptop Cooling Pad for your Laptop.

16. Buy USB external Keyboard and USB external Mouse.

17. Buy good Pen Drive (USB Flash Drive).

18. To double check or to make sure the said configuration for your new Laptop is correct just press Windows key+R and type dxdiag and press Ok button, it will give you detailed system information.

19. Do not lose Manual, Bill or Receipt that they have given you at the time purchasing your Laptop. Keep them safely.

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