Monday, March 07, 2016

Consumer Complaint Mobile Postpaid Bill That Exceed Credit Limit

BSNL overcharged Mobile postpaid bill much higher than credit limit. Each customer has his or her monthly plan and credit limit of his/her postpaid. It is not supposed to cross or exceed credit limit.

I'd better not mention customer name. His BSNL Postpaid tariff plan is Plan 175 and his credit limit is Rs.4242.00 and his total amount due with services tax is Rs.9846.00. His bill amount without services tax, etc is Rs.8391.8.

Consumer Complaint Redressal Procedure for Telecom Complaints:

When I was in Bangalore I used Vodafone Postpaid SIM and whenever my bill was about to cross or exceed, outgoing call was barred.

If your postpaid mobile phone outgoing call is barred, go to your service provider office and pay your bill and you will be able to use your phone again.

The problem here is BSNL did not bar customer outgoing call, internet, etc after customer exceeded his credit limit. Customer id not know that his crossed or exceeded his credit limit. After a month is over his bill amount is Rs.9846.00 and that is unbearable.

Have a look at screenshot shown below.

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