Monday, January 20, 2020

Iron tree, Botanical name - Mesua Ferrea, Herhse in Mizo

[2:22 PM, 1/18/2020] +91 96127 67271: Yesterday, we went to kaochao and prepared our humble Kaochao nursery for our respected DC's grand Music festival.  !😁

[2:23 PM, 1/18/2020] +91 96127 67271: We also noted down all the plants and trees and will label it with local and scientific names!

[2:33 PM, 1/18/2020] +91 96127 67271: There's one particular tree named Iron tree, botanical name - Mesua Ferrea, locally called Herhse in Mizo. We never have a name in Mara. During our meeting at our HOD's office long time back we suggested to be called 'Thua ko'..

Ps. Our respected Officers,please do suggest a name for this particular tree..please?

With inputs from: jimmy007 (+91 9612767271 via WhatsApp.

Ko 1999 Phura FRO ei cha nota Puhpa Dr. JH.Nghinglova research a taopa pazi awpa ta raopa ei chapa hawhta pazi nata  he hawpa tho(M.ferra) he hmo pita eima reihta eima hnei leipa vata Puhpa (Macha) P.Chholy (L) a mo phi awpa ta a haw nahta “Thosaru” tahpa ta a bi. Puhpa P.Chholy (Siathapaw) of New Colony Siaha he Tho moh pahno kawpa a cha thota Mizo reih chhao a thai kaw.

With inputs from: Puhpa Vabeikhaihmo Solo via WhatsApp.

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