Thursday, November 05, 2020

Mara Students' Organisation 55th Rising Day 4/11/2020

MSO was established in the year 1965(1967) at Shillong. And later the General Headquarter was shifted from Shillong to Siaha. 
Today MSO Consists of 9 Sub Headquarters:
1. Tipa
2. Phura
3. Chakhei
4. Zyhno
5. Saikao
6. Chhaolo
7. Amotlah
8. Shillong
9. Bengaluru

2 Joint Headquarters:
1. Aizawl
2. Delhi

And More than 60 Branches

Atahmâ he thaina sona ti pasohpa cha aloh hai,
Cha su cha pangai s'u rietheina hlu hrasa;
Sona ti pasoh doh aw pi.

For God and Maraland.

With inputs from: Judson  Zeps Khithie

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