Thursday, April 15, 2021

The Speech of Puhpa Kesavan R, (IAS), Deputy Commissioner, Siaha District during the programme of 19th Lyuva Khutla Celebration at MADC, Siaha

Date: 12th March 2021

                       Respect Honorable Chief Executive Member, Executive Members of MADC, leaders of NGO’s, Officers and staffs of MADC, and all dear friends; today, it is a matter of great pleasure to hear that MADC hosts one of the greatest festivals of the Maras amidst Covid-19 pandemic with keeping SOP. 

                       I would like to say Lyuva Khutla Samaw to you all on this great festival of Maraland. And thanks for inviting me to have a message for the same. It is a great delightful festival for all of us.

                       As we all know that the Mara tribe has many festivals. However, Lyuva Khutla is one of the greatest festivals in Maraland since the forefathers of the Mara community. The existence of this festival had greatly known by every one of the Mara community. The people customarily practiced shifting cultivation in which agriculture is the backbone of their economy; rice and maize is their main foodstuff.  After the harvesting period and just before starting for their next shifting cultivation that this festival was celebrated. It was celebrated by the ancient Mara Community during their free period in the months of March with a great banquet. In the olden days, they enjoying with Singing and dancing, etc. by the whole community. Nowadays, every Mara community celebrates the festival of culture and tradition which remarks the cultural identity of the Mara community. 

                One of the great uniqueness of the Mara tribe is that there 11 Clans including Myanmar’s Mara Community with many Sub-clans has different languages or mother tongues. However, all Clans and Sub-clans of Mara community speaking different mother tongues know and hear each other.

              In 1953 that the Constitution of India in its Article 244 read with the Sixth Schedule had set up an Autonomous District Council to safe, protect and uplift the community of the Maras in consequence upon the Bordoloi Commission.

            Today, I have no doubt that the products, dedication, and efforts made by the Mara Autonomous District Council for the whole community since its inception. Besides, many Villagers are the top warriors to defend us during the outbreak of pandemic covid-19 at international border areas. All NGOs together with MADC always responds, actively performed, and implemented large activities. Many good citizens of Maras have the privilege to work for our country. I am grateful for that and really appreciate your dedication and efforts for all of us.

             Dear friends,  India is a land of diversity. It is large and rich in culture and tradition; we live in different regions of the country, practice and perform different cultures and traditions as brothers and sisters. I hope that this festival is successful and enriches our great nation as a whole.

             Once again Lyuva Khutla Samaw to you all. Thank you.

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