Friday, July 02, 2021

"Candle Light Bible Revision"

Laiu Fachhai

Frequent power outage in Siaha Town, coupled with broken inverter and its batteries, sometimes I had to do the Mara Bible Revision under a candle light. A Candle Light Bible Revision, if you will.

Revs Reginald Arthur Lorrain and Albert Bruce Foxall-Lorrain, missionaries to Maraland, did exactly the same 100 years ago. When they translated Mara Bible then, there was no electricity in Maraland, let alone computers. Under a kerosene lamp or candle light, they used handwritings and typewriters for their translation works.

So I can't complain. As for me and my work, I could still use a computer and have a daily substantial power supply.

That said, I am looking forward to a Candle Light Dinner when the often Candle Light Bible Revision is completed, God willing, by March/April next year (2022).

Till then, please pray with me. 

Mara Bible was first published in 1956 and a revised version (First Revision) was published in 1972. The present endeavor is the second revision.

As of now, eight books (Esther- Ezekiel) remain to be revised. Revisions done by me would first go through the Checking Committee before it would be rechecked, work on technicalities and finally published by the Bible Society of India.

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