Monday, July 18, 2016

You can't send messages to this group because you're no longer a participant (in WhatsApp)

You can't send messages to this group because you're no longer a participant (in WhatsApp)

Most WhatsApp users have this issue (Problem):

Why this thing .. I mean why you have this problem.....

By mistake.... you exit to group (WhatsApp) group.....

Some users..... without knowing / your knowledge ... you already exited all whatsApp groups on your mobile.....

To solve this problem............

Delete all WhatsApp group you have already joined  and request WhatsApp Group admin
to join or to add you again in the group......... This is the only solution to this problem.

You might think that..... you did not exit... but how come this thing happened..

You might be might be hard for you to believe....

But by mistake... or you may have changed SIM to your Mobile Handset... and when you insert your SIM again..... this problem might be there......

Whatever caused this problem..........

This warning message "You can't send messages to this group because you're no longer a participant" clearly means that "you already left this group" but you still see the group on your mobile.... as i said.... you already left the group but you did not delete the group ... that's why you still can see WhatsApp group on your mobile...... as I said above.... delete this group to disappear and ask for or request group admin to join or to add you again in the group.

You go to group info and keep scrolling till the end  and if you see "Delete this group" clearly means that you already left this group.......

if you did not leave the group............ when you check Group info and when you scroll last page.......... you will see "Exit This Group" option. When checking Group info on the page..... if you do not see  "Exit This Group" option and if you only see "Delete this group" option... this means you have already left the group..... and delete it and ask or request WhatsApp Group Admin to add you again in the group.

That's it.......

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

My smartphone Wi-Fi does not remain connected - Fix it

Here is how you have to fix it or solve the problem.

Go to "Settings"

Go to "Wi-Fi (WLAN) Settings"

Click on "Menu"

Click on  "Advanced"

Click on "Always "Keep  WLAN on during sleep". 

Delnet Express Pvt. Ltd. Aizawl

Delnet Express Pvt. Ltd. Aizawl
Opposite: Vespa (Scooty Vespa) Showroom.
Aizawl. (Aizwal), Mizoram, India.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Delnet Express Customer Care Number

Delnet Express Customer Care No.:

Contact Phone Number: 011-41622784,  011-41622785

Official Website:

Friday, July 08, 2016

Rich tributes paid to Laldenga on death anniversary

Source: (Dated 08-07-2016).

District Level Committee on VAGY held in Siaha

Source: (Dated 08-07-2016).

How to scan image in Photoshop - Scanning Images in Adobe Photoshop

To scan Image in Adobe Photoshop 7 or Photoshop CS2, CS3 Extended or higher version, here is how you have to scan. You need to follow easy instructions - step by step tutorial given below:

01. Open Adobe Photoshop from your Laptop or Desktop Computer, etc.

02. Click on "File"

03. Click on "Import" and click on "WIA Support"

04. Click "Start" button.

05. Click on Scanner (Your Scanner Device).

06. Click on the "Preview" button first. Wait for some time to finish previewing. Once previewing is done....

07. Adjust the anchor points to adjust the scan area.

08. Now, click on "Scan" button to scan image.

09. Now, your image gets imported in the Photoshop.

10. Now, to change the image size, click on "Image menu"

11. Click on "Image Size"

12. The image size dialog box is displayed.

Width: 500 pixels.
Height: 655 pixels.

13. Accordingly change the resolution if required. Example: resolution: 200 pixels/inch. And then click "OK" button.

14. If you want, you can also change "Canvas Size".

15. To change Canvas Size, click on "Image Menu".

16. Click on "Canvas Size"

Width: 500 pixels.
Height: 700 pixels.

17. Set the Anchor to set the position the existing image on the new Canvas. And then click "OK" button. Now you can see that the Canvas size has increased. That's it.